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Based on characters from the Catty Wompus books, “TAOCW” is a live-action children’s educational program that aims to instil healthy relationships, environmental awareness and good citizenry through the power of music.

Catty and her gang of lively pals, Lucy, Kelvin and Jet, take kids from 2 to 92 on educational adventures in a world both real and imagined with a little help from a hip, sandcastle-dwelling band called The Fins who are straight outta the sea.

With a mix of puppetry, animation, documentary-style shorts and sketches,
TAOCW is a fun and exciting journey set amid the majestic wilds of the Santa
Cruz, California, coastline.

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Catty Wompus

A girl who learned through the help of a classmate what being a friend is all about, she’s now on a mission of goodwill to spread the word to others. Catty sees the good in everyone, the wonder in all things and has a fantastic imagination. She has a homemade style all her own and wears it proudly.

Played by: Carolyn Dodd

Lucy Hope

A logical, determined girl with a big heart, she’s the classmate who opened
Catty’s eyes to the world she was missing in the original book, Catty Wompus: A
Tale of Friendship. She’s an old soul on whom the other kids rely for sound advice.

Played by: Hannah Spiros

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Kelvin Hall

When Catty pays it forward in the book, Catty Wompus and the New Kid,
Kelvin is her first project. A kid who has moved to a number of schools, he wears
a super hero cape “uniform” as his way to break the ice and build confidence.

Played by: Zachary Brown Sullivan

Jet Skymaster

With his own self-made flying machine called The Blue Sky Flyer, Jet patrols the wild blue yonder in search of potential “situations” and calls on the gang for help. Jet is a straight arrow with a love for all things mechanical, especially things with wings.

Played by: Jet Jurgensmeyer

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Stinger Wingsteen:
Lead guitar and vocals

A stingray with swagger, a Fonz-meets-Elvis character with a duck-tail ‘do and a voice that can blow the sand right off the beach. But his bravado masks a shy, self- conscious manner. He has a brotherly rivalry with barnacle pal Barnie.

Played by: James Durbin

Margie Sirensong: Ukulele and vocals

A strong-willed mermaid who prefers to sing her words whenever she can. Like Stinger, she’s a vocal force of nature with a bigger than life personality. But Margie has a soft side that can uplift the saddest of the sad with her earth- mother wisdom and soothing “uke” riffs.

Played by: Moreah Walker

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Ozzy Rastapus:
Drummer extraordinaire

Ozzy is an intellectual problem solver with a passion for gardening, exercise and writing… with a fountain pen, of course. Poetry is his genre of choice. Having three hearts, he’s prone to bouts of sadness if he sees suffering or unfairness.

Played by: Scott McPherson

“Wailin’” Waylon Flippermeyer
Bass and vocals

Waylon is a rocker from way, way back with a passion for nautical history and a repertoire of cool sounds. He’s known for his signature yell “BOOMTOW”. Despite being from a species that spends 95% percent of its time in the sea, Waylon harbors a secret fear of the water.

Played by Toby Salciccia

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The Clamalamas:
Buddy, Betty, and Baby

This family of colorful back-up singers are pitch perfect with a range as deep as the crystal blue sea.

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The Barnacles:
Barnie, Phred, Kenny and BooBoo

Four chattering little nuggets who can also sing. They’re shy and reclusive unless the music is playing save for Barnie who is extroverted and outspoken.

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