Surprises In The Mailbox!

by EMS Team, May 17, 2012

What a great surprise I got today when I went to my mailbox and found two big envelopes from the fifth grade kids of Donlon Elementary.  They were full of fantastic artwork, signatures and thank you notes.

Big hugs to all the kids and teachers for sending me such a great treat!

And there’s more to come!  Check back with Catty’s website to see some of the clever suggestions and insightful feedback we got from the Donlon fifth-graders!




  • Hello Ms. Jules, I am auditioning for your pilot this week. I love your script and can imagine saying this to my little cousins. I bought your first book but am trying to buy your 2nd book to learn more about Kelvin. I can't read anything from Amazon. (No Kindle. I gave it to my friend before I moved.) (I got the first book on iTunes.) Is there a better way to read this book quickly if I don't have a Kindle? I know you are really busy, but just in case you read this, I wanted to check with you. My Very Best Regards, Carolyn

    • Hello Carolyn, Thank you for your note! What a professional you are! We'll be sending you a link where you can view the new book and get acquainted with Kelvin. More soon and thanks again! Cheers, The Catty Crew

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