A Woodsy Adventure!

by Julie Howe, June 11, 2015

Forest2My friend Lucy lives in a house near the woods, and in the summer her dad takes us fishing in his boat, but today was a day for an adventure in the woods! We saw all kinds of super awesome critters. Like a fury little caterpillar with brown and yellow stripes, two foxes chasing each other, a mama deer protecting her baby from our crunching footsteps, chipmunks and squirrels scurrying from tree to tree and THE BIGGEST BANANA SLUG I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I let out a big ‘fraidy cat yip and almost stepped on it. It scared the giggles right out of us!

We took a different path back to Lucy’s house and discovered the most curious adventure-find of them all: an old violin. It was still in its case, but a peg had fallen out and a string was missing and it was covered in nicks and scratches. Lucy and I wondered whose it was and why is was left in the woods. Our imaginations ran wild! Lucy thought it might have been left behind by a music-loving pirate who lost his true love and was heartbroken. I thought, it must have belonged to a fairy princess, forbidden to play anywhere but in her enchanted forest. Isn’t it fun to think of fantastical stories? Where do you think the mystery violin came from?

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