A Very Special Friday!

by Julie Howe, June 26, 2015

Friendship webI, Catty Wompus, do hereby declare today to be Friendship Friday! In honor of my newly dubbed day o’ the week, I made a friendship web. I love my friends so much; I’d be the Saddest Sally in all of Santa Cruz without them.  We have so many super fantabulous memories together, I just had to create a show-and-tell of our latest beachside adventure.

Kelvin and Lucy are definitely my ALL TIME BFFs, but we are always meeting new people and making new friends wherever we go. Just the other day we went cruisin’ on our bikes and ran into a couple of groove cats playing banjos on The Boardwalk!  We had to stop and talk to them  We just HAD to!  They were twin brothers, Jim and John, and had just moved to Santa Cruz with their dad.  They had been playing instruments since they were five! After a couple of songs, the boys let us join in!  How cool is that?  Jim and John put me in charge of the tambourine, Kelvin hummed on the harmonica and Lucy soothed our souls with the voice of an angel. For two hours we were members of a boardwalk band, and it was AWESOME!  And to think we may never have made these new friends if we hadn’t stopped to listen.  Well…It’s just downright unthinkable!

What comes to YOUR mind when you think about friendship? You’d be amazed at where your own wondrous web of words can take you! I challenge you to make your own!

Good luck, little spiders!



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