I LOVE Birthdays

by Julie Howe, July 9, 2015

2015-07-09 11.26.25I LOVE birthdays! They are probably the greatest experiences of all time. You get a whole day all to yourself. People call you, send you cards, give you gifts, grandparents send you money, and CAKE. There’s always cake at a birthday party; and nothing beats a birthday party with cake and games. Except maybe a birthday at Disneyland (*hint hint, wink wink* parents!).

So, last week my friend Ruby (who I’ve decided to call The Rubinator because it sounds awesome, and she’s awesome so why not?) celebrated her twelfth birthday. Now The Rubinator loves adventure. She loves dancing, kayaking, hiking, boogie boarding and extreme water ballooning. Naturally I had to plan a SUPER AMAZETASTIC day to celebrate all of her awesomeness.

First, we put colorful wigs on and had a major disco dance party in my living room. Then I set up a scavenger hunt in my backyard. I hid 12 little trinkets that I knew she would love all over the backyard. I even hid one inside the doghouse! We had so much fun!

We ended the day with a cake I baked for her the night before. I made her her own rainbow cake in a jar because she loves cake and LOVES color! I wanted her to feel as special as possible because she is one of my best friends. And best friends deserve to feel awesome!

What awesome things have you done for your best friend’s birthday?

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