My Best Buddy Hank

by Julie Howe, August 16, 2015

2015-08-16 10.28.26Let me tell you about my best buddy Hank. My neighbor Sara fosters a two-year-old mutt pup named Hank; and every time I take Hank to the beach his wet little nose scampers off to interrogate beach goers’ pockets for treats. Peanut butter treats are his favorite, and if you don’t keep an eye on him, he’ll eat enough peanut butter treats in a day to keep Jif in business for a whole year!
Now, I’ve been talking to my parents about adopting Hank, but they said caring for a dog is too big of a responsibility. So, I have decided to show them that I am a super duper champion at taking care of Hank. It’s so much fun because Hank really is my best buddy. However, the only not-so-fun part is picking up Hanks poo. Poo is never fun, but if I don’t clean up after Hank, someone else might step in it and that would be a real stick in the eye – or that would really be some poo on the shoe! Either way, it would be bad and definitely not responsible!
But besides the poo thing, everything else I do for Hank is totally fun. Hank has a TON of energy so I have to make sure to tire him out with lots of exercise like running and chasing birds on the beach (or a walk through the park). And he loves when I throw his green tennis ball in the ocean so he can swim out to get it. And all that playtime makes Hank outrageously thirsty so I’m always prepared with fresh water and a clean bowl so he can rehydrate .
After a very fun but tiring day on the beach I take Hank back to Sara’s to feed him. You have to make sure to give your dog plenty of food and water so he can be healthy and have strong bones – just like you and me! And before I leave I always make sure to give Hank lots of hugs and kisses and snuggles because dogs need to feel loved too!

Who’s your best buddy and how do you take care of him?

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