Use Your Imagination!

by Julie Howe, August 23, 2015

imagination image CWHave you ever been a pirate scouring the open seas for long-lost treasure or an Egyptian queen smiting your enemies in battle or an olympic gold medalist? I have and I’m a 12-year-old from Santa Cruz!

With my imagination I can be paddling down the Amazon in a boat in search of a new bird species or honoring Steve Fossett and traveling around the world in a hot air balloon. I could even be a lone astronaut living on the Earth-like planet, Kepler-62f, investigating its possible rocky terrain and polar caps for future inhabitants.

Where would we be if people didn’t use their imagination?

  • The invention of the wheel – with no wheel how would the hamsters get their exercise?
  • Thomas Edison’s light bulb – now that was a bright idea!
  • Netflix – who could live without Netflix on a slow Sunday afternoon?

All I’m saying is that if we don’t imagine “what’s on Pluto?” or building the most epic living room fort or becoming president, or imagine that an Oreo can have DOUBLE the stuf then who’s going to make our lives better, who’s going to push us to come up with the next big idea? It’s up to us! Use your imagination for fun. Use your imagination for good! Just use it!

Where has your imagination taken you?

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