Super Shoes

by Julie Howe, September 18, 2015

albumsHey gang! This week I’ve turned the blog over to my good friend Kelvin (“L” before the “V”) Hall so he can tell you about his SUPER SHOES! Now everybody stomp your stompers and clap your clappers ’cause here’s Kelvin!

Hey there Super Peeps! My super shoes make me run faster, jump higher and feel unstoppable! I found these old Chuck Taylors at a garage sale one day. I bought them for one dollar, took them home and added bright red shoe laces, buttons, stickers and some Sharpie art. There is nothing like wearing a pair of customized kicks you designed yourself that will make you feel like the greatest action hero that ever lived!

These shoes have gotten me out of some pretty tough pickles and through some pretty epic adventures. These are the shoes that catapulted me half way around the block to catch up to the ice cream truck to get a Firecracker popsicle – red, white and so worth it!

These are the shoes that gave me the super power to call people together to do a massive beach cleanup! We still get together on the beach every week to pick up trash and recycle old cans and bottles.

These super shoes have outrun ice cream trucks and protected our environment and I created them! Create your own shoes and see what kind of super power they give you!

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