Catty’s Guide to Holiday Giving

by Julie Howe, December 17, 2015

DoodleHowdy Ho, Fellow Merrymakers!

‘Tis the season for giving once again which happens to be one of my ab-fab favorite activities.  Why, you ask? Because it’s when I reach out to those who may be in need.  You may remember, besties, that I, Catty Wompus, was not always the happy-go-lucky girl you see before you today.  My heart needed a mend and by-golly, it got sewn up big-time by that superstar of heart-mending, that seamstress of sweetness, my best friend, Lucy Hope.  And it’s a lesson I’ll never forget.

And so, I present to you my Holiday Gift Guide. And the best part?  Everything on it is  free!


  • Offer a smile to someone who’s sad or lonely. Trust me!  It works and you don’t even have to wrap it
  • Offer up a kind word of encouragement.  I recommend even more than one strung together in a beautiful sentence that can be enjoyed for a really long time.
  • Lend a helping hand.  See a neighbor who may need help carrying their groceries inside?  Reach out! But you might want to use BOTH hands for that!
  • Volunteer!  You can help serve food to those less fortunate or start a food drive at your school.
  • Love your neighbor!  It’s the most furry-fuzzy thing you can offer and it’s not just for the holidays.  It’s for ALWAYS.

Adios for now, my lovelies! Go forth and give, give, give!


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